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friendly doctor
and staff."

A 5-star review
by Chistian J

I have to admit, the Doctors office is very nice. His assistant Cat, was very friendly and helpful with the whole check-in process. Very thorough with adding medical history, and listening to me, instead of rushing in and out. Same with Dr Masood. Younger than I expected, however I found him very knowledgeable with not just one solution to my issue, but a couple different options. Not my 1st rodeo with a Podiatrist. I believe his suggestion will help greatly. I will review again after my services.

Deidre BurkePatient

My visit with Dr. Masood was great ,he was very Pleasant and answered all my questions. The orthotics he made for me works great, his assistant Stephanie is fantastic she always has a smile on her face every time I had to see doctor and I would refer any of my friends to this office.


Probably the best Podiatrist in town!
My wife has been putting off fixing a bunion for years, because of cost and lack of good doctors in Las Vegas area. Thankfully that's changing because of new clinics like Laser Foot Surgery in Henderson. Dr. Masood was honest, made me feel comfortable, and did a great job on her foot. Their prices good too (not the cheapest), but she definitely got her moneys worth and is happy, which mean's I'm happy too. Thank you!

Salman TahirPatient

Brand new office with very friendly staffs. My whole experience has been very great. Dr. Masood was very thorough with diagnosis, he took his time to ask questions, listened to my foot pain complains and came up with appropriate treatments. No pushy towards selling treatments. Dr. Masood and his staffs were very professional, they make sure their patients will get the best care they can possibly provide. My flat foot problem with a chronic pain has been improved with the custom orthotics made in the office! I will definitely keep coming back to finish all necessary treatments and will totally recommend Laser Foot Surgery Center to anyone in need. One thing I’ve learned is not to neglect the foot pain you have, go see a specialist, someone like Dr. Masood can help!!

Khoa LePatient

I am so happy AND relieved that I went and saw Dr. Hasan Masood! - I've had foot pain that I ignored for years and couldn't ignore any longer. My first impression of his office was, Wow! Very upscale and modern. I made a great decision. The visit improved from there. Dr Masood is very knowledgeable and knew immediately what my problem was. He simply verified it with an xray, treated me- so compassionately, and gave me some exercises. If I respond well, I'll be fine a lot sooner than I thought I'd be.
Thank you Dr Masood!

Deana OpielaPatient

LASER FOOT SURGERY CENTERS (LFSC) provide a full range of clinical podiatry care, including the treatment of foot and ankle conditions such as ingrown toenails, nail fungus, bunions, hammertoes, sprains, strains and heel pain as well as comprehensive diabetic foot care, wound care and all types of foot and ankle surgeries.

These Centers are fast becoming “Standard of Care” for patients who want to experience the most modern technologies to treat their foot and ankle problems in an upscale, service-oriented, caring, and compassionate setting. We’ve proven that by marketing to upscale demographics (including medical tourists) and those with increasingly popular high deductible healthcare plans and health savings accounts, and by offering them “Concierge Service”, we will capture great financial rewards while improving the quality of our patients’ lives.

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