Tailor's Bunions

A Tailor’s Bunion (bunionette) is seen as an enlargement or “bump” on the outside of the foot near the little toe. Actually a tailor’s bunion forms when one of the long bones of the foot, known as the fifth metatarsal, becomes dislocated towards the outside of the foot. The problem is often aggravated by narrow shoes, and a callus often forms on the side and underneath the bone.

The corrective procedure most often performed at Laser Foot Surgery Center is as follows:

An incision approximately 1/8 inch in length is made over the “neck” of the fifth metatarsal bone. Then using a dental-type drill, a small cut is made across the bone in this area enabling the doctor to reposition the head of the metatarsal to its normal anatomical position. Thus, the part of the bone causing the “bump” is repositioned and realigned back inside the foot in the normal anatomical position.

It is usually necessary to wear a post-surgical shoe for 2 weeks after this procedure is performed.